How would you describe your physical features? How do you think that description would compare to a stranger's perception of you?  

Those were the questions that were put to the test in this new video from Dove's Real Beauty campaign. Remember the original Real Beauty video that came out a few years ago? In that video, entitled Evolution, Dove showed all of the hair, make-up and Photoshopping that goes into the average ad image. It sent a powerful message to girls of all ages about the futility of comparing oneself to the models seen on television and in magazines.  

In this new Real Beauty video, Dove hits the nail on the head again by asking several women to describe themselves to a sketch artist and then comparing these images to the others drawn from a stranger's description of them. As you might expect, the women were unflattering in their descriptions of themselves, focusing on what they saw as "flaws" in their features. In contrast, the strangers described these women objectively, revealing just how beautiful they truly are.  

How do you see yourself? Do you know how beautiful you really are?

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You're more beautiful than you think [Video]
New campaign aims to help women see themselves through the eyes of a stranger.