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8 of the strangest spa treatments

By: Katherine Butler on May 1, 2012, 6:17 p.m.
feet dangling into fishtank with little fish biting feet

Photo: emilio labrador/Flickr

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A fishy exfoliation

The next time you're scrubbing away dry, flaky skin, consider this option from Asia. At the Sampuoton Spa in Selangor, Malaysia, guests are treated to a vigorous exfoliation by fish. As reports, "a unique breed [of fish] finds supreme succor nibbling on the dead skin of spa-goers who submerge themselves in their tanks. Ailments like psoriasis and flaky skin on fingers and feet are put under pain-free attack by these ravenous skin-savers." The fish, known as garra rufa, are small members of the carp family that feed on dead skin cells. As you soak in a heated pool for an hour, the fish remove your dead skin cells while emitting an enzyme that is thought to soothe the skin. (But we're not sure the process will soothe your nerves. Guess it depends on how you feel about having swarms of fish all over your body.)