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8 of the strangest spa treatments

By: Katherine Butler on May 1, 2012, 6:17 p.m.
a mortar and pestle filled with black pepper

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Black pepper body scrub

Feeling a little bland? Prepare to shake things up with a spicy body treatment that will get your skin tingling and your blood moving. The Thai black pepper body scrub retails for $135 at the Pho Tree Thai Spa in New York City. The treatment begins with a green tea moisturizer, followed by a full body rub with black pepper to create a "tingling" sensation. Next, the body is slathered with the soothing extracts of live silk worms. Andrew Unger is the co-founder of and tells the New York Daily News, "the point is to make you hot and sweaty, which detoxifies your body and makes you lose water weight."