If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can DIY. If not, take the jacket to your tailor. Either way, this is an easy project:

1 Turn jacket inside out and cut stitching, holding jacket body to sleeve. Use small sewing scissors, or better yet, a seam ripper, so you don’t accidentally cut the fabric with too-large scissor edges. Only clip the threads holding the two pieces of fabric (arm to jacket body), not the fabric itself. If lined, do the same thing with the jacket lining.

2 After you’ve worked the sleeve free, simply hem the shoulder neatly with a machine or (if you’re good) by hand. Turn right-side out.

3 Repeat on second sleeve.

4 Pair with a belt (wide or skinny) in a contrasting color and revel in your chic reuse.

Story by Starre Vartan. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008.

Copyright Environ Press 2008.

A few snips turn old jacket into new look
A mod makeover turns a boring jacket into an inexpensive look equally suited to the urban safari and vests-are-everywhere du jour.