All done with taxes (whew). Time for a little eco-friendly shopping spree.  After all, we've got Uncle Sam playing Sugar Daddy with those economic stimulus spending checks. Our hearts are set on an organic or recycled version of that freshly revived classic, the spring coat. It's all over the streets of New York City—vintage, slightly rumpled lightweight wools in daffodil yellow and tulip pink, or crisp trenches in beige, grey or black. Rounded collars, ruffles, dropped waists and bell sleeves provide a new retro look. Knee-length or shorter is where it's at.

Before buying new, consider something reused for some extra Earth Day chic. Look for recycled affordable styles in local vintage clothing stores, flea markets and thrift shops.

Online, we spotted a couple of bright white or turquoise 70s trenches at Dorothea's Closet; and a navy wrap coat with ¾ sleeves, from Go Antiques, here.

If nothing old suits your fancy, here are a few new green designs to get you going:

We can't resist Prairie Underground’s easy-care 100 percent organic cotton fleece that zips up to a wide, ruffly portrait collar, with princess seaming plus pockets, in umber, black or fox grey, depending on the size. Check it out at Beklina. At $230, it'll leave you enough rebate money to buy some food. Their soft, intriguing button-and-wrap Moth Coat in ivory organic cotton is $245.

An adorable recycled polyester and hemp denim trench with a round collar and drop-gathered skirt by Emily Katz is $348 at Greenloop.

A slim, knee-length grey microtwill anorak with white snaps and four kangaroo pockets is $320; and a crisp grey trench in organic cotton twill is $475, both at Kaight, which also sells the Prairie Underground Moth Coat in grey or black. 

To stay dry in a techie look: A new hip-length Eco Rain Shell jacket, made of 100 percent recycled polyester, comes in pale ice blue, mushroom or black from Patagonia, $190.

Made from the cream of eco-fabrics, post-consumer recycled polyester, Nau's ruffly, side-tied Chrysalis rainjacket has removable arms, combining virtue and versatility, in soot. $198.

In gentle greenblue, lime, grey or black, a 53 percent recyled fleece Muir jacket sells for a very reasonable $49-69, from REI.

Time to climb into—or out of—your cocoon!  Whether you wrap up or spread your wings, have fun and greet Earth Day in style.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in April 2008. The story was added to

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A green spring coat in any color
You can be green in any color, with a used item or something made from sustainable materials.