Just when you thought the world didn’t need another tie (and with the economy in the tank and more unemployed people than ever, who really wears ties all that much these days anyway?), along comes Woodthumb. Which ironically, may make you want to wear a tie even if you've never worn one before. 


These ties are a right brain take on the typical businessman’s noose; keeping the traditional design, these all-wood ties are made from upcycled wood that might otherwise end up in a landfill. And they're unusually gorgeous and definitely green. 


Started (founded, designed and produced) by brothers David and Chris, who spotted a discarded redwood beam that had been left in a salvage yard, they "chopped, drilled, sanded and varnished" the ancient tree and then assembled the first tie, which is made of many pieces of wood fit together.



Each tie is handmade in San Francisco, and shows the grain and any wear, holes, or other marks in the original material. And each is fully adjustable to the wearer’s neck, as the wooden pieces are strung on an elastic cord, which can be shortened or lengthened to fit different-sized necks (or make the tie longer or shorter). The design in pieces means that it’s more flexible than a single tie, and means that it’s more comfortable than a tie made from wood might otherwise be.


Could you wear one of these ties with a traditional suit? Definitely. But it would also look great with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, or on a woman paired with some feminine touches like flowing hair or a strong red lip. 


Wood Tie from David Steinrueck on Vimeo.

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A tie made from wood? Truly sustainable style
Woodthumb’s ties are made from reclaimed materials from San Francisco.