Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci are doing it — and they're just the latest Hollywood stars to be wearing eco fashions right alongside other boutique-bought pieces, stuff from the Gap, and higher-end accessories in the latest mash-up of high and low, green, vintage and new clothes.


Anne Hathaway (above) wore her Bambi Bobi scarf in coral while grocery shopping at Whole Foods (is it weird to be curious about what's in those bags?) in Studio City, Calif.


The scarves are part of an extensive line of scarves and tops from Nepali by TDM Design, which are all made by a woman's cooperative in Nepal from sustainable fabrics and dyed with heavy metal-free dyes. This scarf is dyed with a shibori pattern, giving it a bit of flair as well as color, nicely paired with the more conservative striped tunic Anne wears here. 



(Photos courtesy Red Light PR)


Jessica Alba has been wearing Alo capris on her regular trips to the gym, having been spotted three times in the leggings. (Next time, though, bring your reusable water bottle, Jessica!) Alo makes a wide range of sportswear, incorporating bamboo, recycled materials and organic cotton into its collections. Alo's HQ in Los Angeles is a green building with solar panels, which provide clean energy to run its design offices. 


(Photo courtesy Dandi Maestre)


Christina Ricci is on the cover of this month's NYLON magazine, and her color-pop outfit is topped off with Dandi Maestre swinging '60s earrings made from shell (so they're light on the ears, too). All of Dandi's jewelry is big, extreme and fun to the max, proving that natural materials can be used for more than earthy-looking jewelry. The designer sources all her materials from the natural world, and checks into the origins of each of them, using only reclaimed shells (never endangered), shed antlers and renewable Amazonian seeds in her dramatic creations. 

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Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci rock eco-fashion
These young stars are out and about strutting their sustainable style.