As seen on Good Morning America's "Just One Thing" segment, these solar-powered bags are perfect for the frequent traveler or everyday gadget lover. If Steve McQueen were around for solar-powered bags, he'd reach for a Logan Messenger Bag by Noon Solar everytime. They are rugged-yet-sleek, made from organic, nontoxic, and natural and/or biodegradable materials, and look sophisticated enough for any man-about-town. Recharging gadgets is a day at the beach with the stylish "Juice Bag" from Reware Store. It's the world's first heavy-duty solar beach tote with a high-tech, flexible solar panel built right in. Best of all, no batteries are required, so this natural cotton canvas bag will use the sun's rays to power any gadget you toss in while you relax. We also love the Eclipse Nova Solar camera bag, a no-nonsense, practical choice for anyone who's tired of running out of battery power in the middle of a family photo session or in the presence of a natural wonder. As an added bonus, it charges a cell phone or MP3 player in a pinch!

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So hot right now: stylish totes powered by the sun.