"Just do it!" no longer applies to just us couch potatoes. Nike has embraced its own slogan and started to transform itself into a sustainable business. A new company-wide design ethos, known as Considered, combines premium product design and performance with environmental consciousness. The philosophy has led to sustainable innovations like using earth-friendly materials and reducing waste within every product category. Nike launched the initial line of green lifestyle footwear in 2005, followed by a line of outdoor and running shoes earlier this year, including the ACG Soaker, a water-sports shoe (pictured above in two different styles). Their goal: a 17 percent reduction in footwear waste and a 30% reduction in packaging waste by 2011. In fact, all Nike footwear and apparel will meet the company’s sustainability standards by 2015, and by 2020 all the company’s sporting equipment will, too. Now that’s what we call a step in the right direction.

Story by Jessica Tzerman. This article originally appeared in Plenty in July 2007.

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Nike has a line of sustainable sneakers.