We’ve all had weary mornings when we dream of the George Jetson space-age contraption to convey us to the shower where we emerge seconds later cleaned, brushed, dressed and ready for the day. Well it looks as if we may be one step closer, at least where brushing the teeth is concerned.

A new application of 3D printing has resulted in a toothbrush that promises to get your teeth cleaner than traditional brushing in a mere six seconds flat. The Blizzident device, which looks like a bristled mouth guard, is custom printed from a scan made by your dentist. It is designed so that one simply bites down on it for six seconds to achieve perfectly cleaned teeth.

The company website promises that: user error is avoided; all areas of the teeth are cleaned in accordance with the "Modified Bass" and "Fones" techniques; tooth surfaces gums are protected; and flossing is easier.

But perhaps best of all? While conventional brushing and flossing take an estimated 10 minutes daily, Blizzident brushing and flossing takes just one minute; freeing up nine extra minutes a day … long enough for an extra cycle of the snooze alarm to dream about futuristic gizmos and driving a space ship to the office.

ABC News reports on Blizzident in the video below:

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