Always dreamed of saying your wedding vows in a meadow? Thinking of skipping it because of the weather? Even with our most sophisticated cell phone applications, we can't accurately predict the weather all the time and, regardless of our predictions, we sure can't change what Mother Nature has in store. Nobody knows this better than a couple planning an outdoor wedding, as the New York Times reports. Avoid anxiety and still host your soiree outside with a prenuptial commitment to Plan B.

The Times quotes Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller, reminding readers that anyone planning to say "I do" out of doors needs to assume it will rain and be ready well ahead of time. Ms. Miller reminds readers that nobody will deliver a rain canopy without notice, but savvy planners can have color-coordinated umbrellas, shoe guards, even mini-canopies and walkways waiting well ahead of time.

Working a rain contingency into a wedding day means working supplies into the wedding budget as well. The Times suggests everything from temporary boardwalks running at $8 per foot to plastic ponchos at $.73 apiece to oiled paper parasols for around $5 each — all of which must be purchased before the heavens rain down. Consider the cost an insurance policy and then enjoy your natural nuptials.

To take the weather anxiety out of the wedding plans, buy rain supplies in bulk (consider finding some used on craigslist). Or, for a classier touch, Ms. Miller suggests pre-ordering umbrellas with personalized handles that can double as party favors. Then, when the sun shines on your wedding day, your guests will always think of you fondly when caught in an unexpected shower.

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