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We’ve all been there.

It’s early in the morning ... you grab jeans off the floor and think, “Sure, I can wear these filthy jeans ONE more time before anyone notices the stains or smells. Love you, dark denim!”

You don't have to live in shame ... embrace your inner slob. Washing jeans is so over! Levi Strauss says washing jeans too often is hurting the planet.

Yes, the company that created blue jeans is going green.

The New York Times reports: Levi Strauss & Co. says the typical pair of blue jeans uses up almost 1,000 gallons of water during its lifecycle. Huh? How? OK, that includes water for the cotton crop, making the jeans, and washing them dozens of times.

The company says instead of washing those stinky jeans, put them in your freezer! Right next to your ice cream! That will kill the germs that cause any offending odors. And it will save on water.

But your freezer? Mixed in with that chalky bag of frozen carrots from 2008, and a gourmet cupcake wrapped in foil with a probable layer of mold lurking underneath? You want me to add dirty, filthy jeans to the mix?

Levi Strauss is also marketing a new line of denim that apparently needs less washing from the start – a nod to worldwide water shortages. Perhaps the new jeans have magical powers to repel dirt, fight off coffee spills and zap chartreuse mustard splotches in seconds. Superhero jeans...that live in the deep-freeze.

Freezing Jeans. Anyone need a cool band name?

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Don't wash those jeans, freeze them
A typical pair of blue jeans uses almost a 1,000 gallons of water during its lifecycle!