Even in this hyper-designed world, where even disposable stuff like water bottles and plastic glasses are gussied up to look great, there are still some spaces where it can be hard to find something functional and fashionable. Laptop bags are definitely one of those categories.


There's so little to choose from that many of us take to just throwing our Macbooks and Vaios in whatever we're carrying, to mix with potentially hazardous purse paraphernalia like leaky water bottles, powdery makeup, sticky snacks and scratchy rocks (I'm guilty of all of the above, including — and especially — the rocks, which I collect wherever I go). 


One option is laptop sleeves, which can be put in bags of whatever sort, and do offer a modicum of protection. But if you really want to keep one of your priciest assets safe, a bag that's designed with laptops in mind is a smart way to go, being built for the rough-and-tumble travel world. Not every accident can be avoided, but a special protected space for your Internet machine will help you keep yours going for years. (And for heaven's sake, clip your water bottles on the outside.)


Without further ado, three great laptop bags of various styles, all made with sustainable materials: 


This lovely cream-colored (it comes in black, too) Camilla Norrback Renate bag hardly looks like a laptop-carrier, but it is. It's long shape will hold smaller laptops (it's 13 inches by 15 inches) with a bit of room for a folder or notebook. It's made from buttery-soft, vegetable-tanned leather and lined with silk. 
This laptop bag from Haul is made from recycled truck inner tubes (that's on the inside of a tire), and lined with recycled denim, with the strap made from seatbelt materials. Inner tube material is notoriously tough, and the extra stitching means this bag will last for years. It will hold a laptop smaller than 15 inches and a bunch of other gear, too. 
The laptop bags from Maggie Bags are both great for guys and girls, and tough as anything, as they are made from unused seatbelt material (which, if you've ever driven an old car, you know takes a licking and stays smooth and strong). Available in lots of colors and multicolor — which creates a cool pattern — these bags are on sale over at The Ultimate Green Store

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