Calling all plant lovers: Here's a style trend that allows you to show off your green thumb and get people talking. What we love about these plant rings and necklaces is that they aren't just statement pieces, they're conversation pieces. Scroll down to check out some ways you can show off your favorite fauna in a fashionable way. The best part is that these plants require only a minimal amount of care.

1. Air plant necklace

An air plant necklace Air plants don't require soil, so this plant necklace will thrive around your neck. (Photo: Grow Happy)

The air plant on this necklace sits in a soft wool felt bowl and has a leather cord. When you're not wearing it, sit it on a sunny windowsill. Pick one of these up at Grow Happy.

2. Succulent statement bracelet

A woman wears a succulent statement bracelent Nothing says 'Check out my bracelet!' like succulents. (Photo: Passionflower Made)

Looking for an amazing jewelry piece for your bridesmaids? Imagine each of your ladies walking down the aisle wearing one of these beauties. It's also great alternative for corsages. Think prom! You'll be so wowed by all of the styles available at Passionflower Made.

3. Wearable planters of all types

A man with a ring planter on his finger holds a camera It's easy to add a little sprig of something to round out the look of this wearable planter. (Photo: Wearable Planter)

Wear a mini vase made from a hand dyed 3-D printed nylon. Although the plant isn't included with the ring, you can easily add a sprig of your favorite plant or flower bud and take it with you on your day's adventure. There are also necklaces and even vases for your bike at Wearable Planter.

4. Air plant charm necklace

Air plant charm necklace on chain This is a smaller air plant necklace option than the one above, but still just as stylish. (Photo: EasyGrowinDesigns)

Add a funky touch to your outfit with this handcrafted air plant charm necklace. To care for it, simply mist the plant with water every few days. It's that easy. Buy it from EasyGrowinDesigns.

5. Triangle of reindeer moss

Reindeer moss glass necklace Moss makes for an eye-catching jewelry centerpiece in this necklace. (Photo: With Roots)

Love the simplicity of moss? You can now show off a piece of live reindeer moss sandwiched between two panes of glass around your neck. Check out a number of different designs available at With Roots.

6. Mini terrarium necklace

Mini terrarium necklace Take a small plant wherever you go with this bullet-shaped terrarium. (Photo: WearItMiniPlants)

Display a mini succulent or cactus while it's housed in its own mini terrarium. To care for it, just set the terrarium in a shallow bowl of water. There are holes on the bottom of the container that will allow the water to seep in. There are a lot of different type of plants to choose from at WearItMiniPlants.

7. Royal air plant ring

Air Plant Statement Ring This regal ring has just a kiss of nature. (Photo: AmbientBotanicals)

It's guaranteed all of your friends will be "oohing and ahhing" over this cocktail ring at your next party. All you need to do to care for this made-to-order ring is simply spritz it with water once a week. Buy the attention-grabbing ring from AmbientBotanicals.

8. Half moon living plant necklace

Half moon clay necklace with a living plant Carry nature close to your heart with this necklace. (Photo: GemsOfTheSoil)

Only nature could be this beautiful! This stunning handmade half moon clay necklace can dress up any casual outfit. The pendant is only 1.5 inches x .75 inches, but it makes a big statement. Check it out at GemsOfTheSoil.

9. Aquatic moss pendant

Aquatic moss in metal pendant Modern design meets the ocean with this aquatic moss pendant. (Photo: Aquatherapy Jewelry)

Here's a modern metal pendant holding live aquatic moss and a small crystal pebbles. All you have to do is change out the water every two weeks. Besides pendants, lockets are also available at Aquatherapy Jewelry.

10. Living fork necklace

Living fork pendant What better use for an old fork than using it to hold a tiny planter? (Photo: Doctor Gus)

Doctor Gus makes this jewelry piece by wrapping a recycled fork around a tiny glass vial that can hold a living plant. The necklaces come with a baby spider plant, but you can also put succulents in the vial. Maybe try some water with a tiny flower stem to go with a floral print outfit.

The newest fashion accessory? Live plants
Show off your green thumb — or just your love for nature — with these plant-centric pieces of jewelry.