Your lips are your most vulnerable facial feature: They produce very little melanin (the body’s natural UV-shielding pigment) and absolutely no oil. These SPF-fortified lip balms will protect them from the sun’s harsh rays without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

EcoLips SPF 15 Berry Lip Balm

($3.49, ECOLIPS.COM)

EcoLips makes petroleum-free balms, but the company’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Send them five empty tubes of any brand of lip balm to be recycled, and they’ll send you a tube of this juicy berry balm for free.

Kiss My Face SPF 15 Organic Lip Balm


Attention, foodies: Kiss My Face balms come in out-of-the-ordinary flavors like cranberry orange and ginger mango. And, like your favorite feasts, they’re all organic.

Juice Beauty SPF 15 Tinted Lip Moisturizer


Juice Beauty makes three shades of mineral-tinted moisturizers, each blended with organic oils and honey. “Playful” provides a wash of sheer but deep color, and it smells like sun-ripened raspberries.

Lavera SPF 15 Lip Balm

($10.50, LAVERA.COM)

This nourishing, vanilla-scented balm blends titanium dioxide with organic olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera.

Story by Erika Villani. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2006. This story was added to in June 2009.

Copyright Environ Press 2006.

Protecting your luscious lips
Your lips produce little melanin and no oil so you'll need these lips balms for protection.