When it comes to summer, parting is beyond sweet sorrow. But while there’s no turning back the clock, you can recapture the ocean air in products infused with sea salt, a traditional cleansing ingredient that’s trendy again. To keep that sexy, unruly hair, spritz liberally with John Masters Organics Sea Mist Salt Spray ($16.50, johnmasters.com). It’s just water, certified-organic lavender and sea salt, but the combination turns flat into instantly poufy. To prolong your marine connection, soak in Perfect Organics Bath Therapy ($22.99, perfectorganics.com), which blends sea salt and organic plant oils. Then exfoliate with a Pacific Salt Scrub from Hawaiian Body Products, with lehua honey, passion fruit, and coconut and kukui nut oils ($22, hawaiianbodyproducts.com). For that refreshing sea-foam taste, dab some Weleda salt-and-baking-soda toothpaste on your brush ($5, shop.weleda.com).

Story by Alexandra Zissu. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008.

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Recapture the ocean air
Sea salt is a traditional cleansing ingredient that’s trendy again.