The Savannah Bee Company may be famous for its refined honey in sophisticated flavors like black sage and sourwood, but its line of skin care is just as yummy. The sweet-smelling lotions, soaps, and lip balms are made using beeswax, a byproduct of honey production and a natural moisturizer, and without harmful additives like parabens, petroleum, or artificial colors and fragrances.

The company cares about the earth, too: many products are packaged in recycled (and recyclable) materials. We love the Blackberry Lip Tint for its fruity flavor as much as for its sheer wash of color, and the super-thick Orange Mint Overnight Foot Treatment is a favorite for softening tough toes. Feet as sweet as honey — that’s one of nature’s miracles.

Story by Sarah Parsons. This article originally appeared in Plenty in March 2007. This story was added to in August 2009.

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