Seeds: they’re the concentrated essence of life, packing an incredible amount of nutrients into a tiny little package. This simple fact inspired a new brand of natural, affordable skin care products that aim to make healthy beauty available to all.

SEED Body Care was inspired by co-creator Benjamin Gournay’s appreciation for wine – and the realization that grape seeds, a natural byproduct of the winemaking industry, have incredible health benefits. Grape seed oil is one of nature’s most celebrated substances, known for maintaining elasticity in skin and fighting sun damage.

“SEED is a brand based on the powerful benefits of SEEDS – packed with healthy antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, our grape seed enriched body care offers both healthy beauty and is designed to meet consumers increasing demand for sustainable options in all aspects of their lives,” says Gournay.

Products include grape seed-enriched nourishing body lotion in scents like ‘Invigorating Citrus Thyme’, ‘Restful Lavender Sage’ and ‘Simply Unscented’ as well as body soap and a conditioning hair shampoo bar.

Available at and, SEED Body Care is 100% natural and contains no preservatives, parabens, animal ingredients, artificial colors, or petrochemicals. SEED soaps and shampoo come in bar form to reduce packaging and save water.

So what sets SEED Body Care apart from other natural beauty brands? That it actually works, says Gournay, who along with wife Rebecca set out to create products that perform just as well as the conventional products that many consumers are accustomed to.

“SEED products are developed so that consumers no longer feel like they have to trade off between natural and effectiveness. By utilizing the right natural ingredients, SEED products are able to provide a natural effective alternative to current synthetic products.”

SEED Body Care: Natural, affordable and effective
A new line of all-natural body care products aims to make green and healthy beauty accessible to more consumers.