What do you get when two Nancy Drew-like shopping obsessives with a knack for sleuthing out talented designers who also have a commitment to sustainability start a website? Answer: the new super fashionable web-based retailer Green With Glamour.

Longtime friends Kat Rowan and Deanna Bracken seek out the chicest conscionably sourced and lovingly selected bits of clothing and baubles inspired by everything from Kat's cat Jake (hence the cool pet accessories) to Deanna's love of pottery and open spaces (think handcrafted ceramics and amazing wrap dresses) to the artists and artisans they spotlight each season. Sift through the wares yourself, or let their personal shopping service do it for you.

It's everything a green heart could desire, all for sale and ripe for the clicking at greenwithglamour.com.

Story by Jessica Tzerman. This article originally appeared in Plenty in May 2007. This story was added to MNN.com in August 2009.

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Seeking out sustainability
Seeking out sustainability