For most people in this world, life as an award-winning fashion designer, film producer and costume designer might be enough; but not for Mary Jane Marcasiano.

In 2007, Marcasiano launched Made With Love, a global effort devoted to raising funds and awareness for non-governmental organizations helping women and children in need through the production and sale of products that provide a fair income. While still running her eponymous design company in New York City and remaining active in her other pursuits, Marcasiano has built Made With Love into a successful brand with an altruistic mission and a cult following. The signature multicolored recycled rubber bracelets are regularly spotted on the wrists of celebrities and fashionistas alike, and all the while, changing lives for the better.

The bracelets are made by a women’s co-operative in Djenné, Mali, West Africa. The women are paid a fair wage for crafting the bracelets, giving them a viable income to support themselves and their families.

In turn the bracelets are sold to support L'Empire des Enfants, a center for homeless children from the streets of Dakar, Senegal. The center provides shelter, meals, education and training programs for the children and also works with local organizations with the aim of returning the children to their families.

Marcasiano has employed a multilayered approach to making this lovely and loving endeavor a success. Through direct email marketing, sales, and strategic partnerships with retailers and organizations, she is realizing her goal of sustainability in three areas: using recycled materials, providing income for women in need and funding the admirable work of L'Empire des Enfants — not to mention, lending some snappy color to the wrists of all who want to share the love.

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