With the cool weather finally starting to set in, your feet are bound to feel a little frigid. And the inevitable precipitation set to follow — sleet, snow, freezing rain — there’s a good chance your socks will end up, well, downright damp!

To put an end to this soggy situation, slip on SmartWool's new line of socks made with the finest threads of Merino wool, a super-soft and naturally sustainable fiber. With seven styles for men and 18 for women, not only are these socks completely itch-free, they’re also coated with a waxy layer of cuticle cells that repel water while in its liquid state but allow it to move through the fiber as a vapor. Translation: more toasty tootsies and less sweat-filled shoes.

And because all of SmartWool’s sheep are kept completely free range, slipping these socks on will definitely leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside — right from your head to your toes.

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in November 2007. This story was added to MNN.com.


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Slip into SmartWool
SmartWool's line of Merino wool socks are itch-free and repel water.