Summer feet need fresh air, not sandals that sweat toxins. But PVC vinyl, an ubiquitous material in everything from flip-flops to shower curtains to teething toys,  tends to release toxic phthalate plasticizers in the heat.  Plus, it's the least recyclable plastic, making it an Earth-unfriendly as well as personally unhealthy buy. And an unnecessary one, as there are lots of greener waterproof alternatives. Here's a quick list of PVC-free summer footwear:

Patagonia thongs for men, women and children also use 20 percent and 15 percent recycled materials in outsoles and midsoles, respectively.

Chaco sandals and flip-flops (or slippers, the Hawaiian term) for men, women, and children, including toddlers, often contain some recycled content.

Mizuno has a PVC-free global initiatived; check out their PVC-free unisex sport slides.

Adidas has many PVC-free options, including these slides for girls.

Ditto Nike, which has these leather-strapped EVA-soled boys' slippers.

Simple Shoes' Toetami is made from rubber and EVA.

The North Face Base Camp thong.

We're still flip-flopping about Crocs, whose composition the company will not disclose, calling it a proprietary secret. We don't like secrets! However, they're taking a positive step by accepting all Crocs for recycling and making them into 20 percent post-consumer-recycled new crocs, including the Cayman for kids.

For those summer downpours, toddlers will love these irresistable green frog-face Uda Rainboots from Target. Will they wear them is another question, but at least if they chew them, they won't get slimed by phthalates.

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