Punky Brewster may be all grown up now, but Soleil Moon Frye is still up to the do-gooder ways that made her character a beloved ’80s icon. Last October, Frye and friends Paige Tolmach and Elizabeth Birkett opened the Little Seed, a hip, one-stop shop in Los Angeles for eco-conscious parents. The impetus behind the store’s development was simple necessity: The three new mothers had trouble finding nontoxic and earth-friendly products for their children. “I felt really lost. I couldn’t find a lot of eco alternatives,” says Frye, who is pregnant with her second child.

Children’s products like Ecoland onesies and Kate Quinn organic-cotton dresses make up the majority of the Little Seed’s offerings, and soon, kids will be able to amuse themselves in the store’s spacious arts and crafts area. However, the Little Seed also features adult-friendly amenities like a luxe nursing station and stylish jewelry just for moms. From content to construction, the store is extremely eco, including reclaimed wood countertops, recyclable shopping bags and VOC-free paints. “We wanted to bring new life to what we knew as organic,” Frye says. “We were all truly inspired to make a difference and do something positive for the planet.”

Story by Jessica Tzerman. This article originally appeared in Plenty in February 2008. This story was added to MNN.com.

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