Scarves have always been de rigueur in cold months, but in recent years they have become increasingly popular as an accessory year-round.


I wear a scarf almost every day, both to dress up a basic skirt-and-tee outfit and to keep my upper half a bit warmer on cool days (and in overheated buildings, it's simpler and easier to unwind a scarf than it is to pull off a sweater). I find that when my neck and chest are warm, the rest of me is, too. If your scarf collection is looking a bit ragged — mine tend to get pretty trashed over a season — consider one of the types of scarves below, which all have a different look, depending on your style. 


Snoozer Loser's brightly colored and quirkily patterned scarves are ideal for making a visual statement with almost no effort. If you are into the pattern-on-pattern trend that shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon, these can be a fun way to go, pairing a printed scarf with a printed blouse or dress. 
Eileen Fisher's Infinity Scarf is made from ubersoft Japanese organic cotton, knit in a tube for zero waste. This is a great year-round staple that would work well in the summer (or on tropical holiday) if unwound and left loose. Japanese cottons are very thin, and create color and pattern via their layering (or the translucency of the single layer over whatever color you're wearing beneath. 
Independent designer Hui Hui hand creates each of these scarves in a German workshop. Made of 100 percent silk, they come in three colorways, and small runs mean nobody will be wearing the same scarf as you. 
The Earthwalk scarf from Mociun is made in NYC and handprinted. The company makes its own prints and has been producing this sustainable line for years now. 
This sweet pastel giant dots scarf by Palace and Mette Zeuthen and offered by anjadahal on Etsy is made from 100 percent organic wool and is hand-dyed with metal-free colors. Super cozy and super cool.

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