These two unique pairs of cuff links won’t get lost in the crowd, that’s for sure. One set is made from antique Native American nickels — talk about wearing history on your sleeve — and the other is made from fallen rack antler horns. The animals shed their horns naturally, though, so don’t worry, no fashion victims here! Backings for both sets are crafted out of corozo wafer buttons made from the tagua nut, which is found in South America.

And if you’re into subtly displaying high-end labels, these natural beauties are for you: The backings are engraved with New York CotoLuxe’s label. Both sets of cuff links are limited edition, so look for them stat, at London luxury online shop One pair will run you 95£ (British pounds), which, now that the dollar is so super strong, translates to about $188. No big deal.

Story by Tobin Hack. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008. This story was added to

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Unique cuff links stand out
Limited edition cufflinks sets are made from antique Native American nickels and fallen rack antler horns.