Wearing vintage clothing and accessories is one of the most accessible and affordable (not to mention creative) ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe and home goods. So every week, I comb Etsy and eBay and find beautiful vintage pieces around a particular theme. (Check out last week's entry, 'Downton Abbey's' long skirts are perfect for autumn.)


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The best thing about living in modern times is that we really do get to wear (almost) whatever we want. Fashion dictates have slowly and surely been eroded away, and so we can mix and match clothes from any era and any price point. Wearing quirky, interesting clothes and accessories can be a fun way to express yourself, and hats are one of the simplest ways to make a statement. Check out the vintage finds below, and get inspired! (Bonus: Most of these hats are $20 or less, meaning that you can get a statement chapeau from decades past for much less than a new one.) 

This vintage hat from Ebay seller mirta2007 is in great shape, with its finely patterned netting still intact. While not many of us might wear what amounts to a veil over our faces while out and about, netting such as this can be scrunched up and over the hat or styled around your bangs or forehead. 
Turbans are so underrated; the perfect cover up for a bad hair day, they are usually expandable, so hair can be tucked underneath easily. This vintage find from the '60s (the heyday of turban-wearing) comes in a soft green velvet from Etsy seller Gretalove.
This gorgeous yellow slouchy cap is going to keep your head super toasty warm. Made from angora, wool and a bit of nylon, it's another one that has enough room to tuck all your hair into the hat on days when you don't feel like styling it up. Via Wileycatyote on Ebay. 


This lovely red topper from Nevermore Vintage on Etsy would look great with dark hair, as shown here, but would be just as cute on a blonde. This would make a great addition to a holiday outfit, and would complement a dramatic black cape or a simple wool coat. 


This cloche hat from the '40s is an asymmetrical stunner. Flat and pointed above the ear on one side, with a lovely curve of fabric on the other (check out the other photos), its woolen fabric will keep you warm and keep snow off your head on cold winter days. From A Better Time on Etsy. 

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