Barbie has had quite a life. In 1959, Barbie debuted as a teenage fashion model and since then she has been a cowgirl, McDonald's cashier, paleontologist, hairdresser and president of the United States among 114 other careers.

Her next move is up for a vote at the Mattel website, and fans can choose for her to become an environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor or computer engineer.

As an environmentalist, Barbie would help to protect the planet, conserve energy and help animals. No word yet on whether this career choice would extend to more sustainable manufacturing and packaging of Barbie dolls and accessories.

Previous efforts by Mattel to brand Barbie products as green have come under fire by green bloggers. EcoChildsPlay called the limited edition BCause line of accessories, made from excess fabric and trimmings that would otherwise be discarded, “the ultimate greenwashing”.

Barbie may not have much experience or previous inclinations toward the green movement, but perhaps a push from the green-leaning public could help get her foot in the door — that is, if they can beat back the growing movement of techies rooting for Computer Engineer Barbie.

The results will be announced on Feb. 12.

Vote for Barbie to be an environmentalist
The vote is open for Barbie’s next career: Will she be an environmentalist, surgeon, computer engineer, news anchor or architect?