Kelly McGrevey took a tour of Aloha Tanning in Norton, Ohio, last week and purchased a $70 tanning package. When she returned the following day for a session on a tanning bed, she was refused service.

The man at the salon said that a new policy had been implemented, preventing patrons who weigh more than 230 pounds to tan at their facility. Oddly enough, she was also refused a refund. McGrevey said she felt "shocked, embarrassed, and humiliated" by the episode.

A police report was filed against the salon's owner for refusing to return McGrevey's money. The report cited that the 230-pound weight limit was put in place because of potential damage to the acrylic bottom of the tanning bed. (One would think that the policy would be discussed with customers prior to the purchase of services, especially since no refunds are permitted?)

WKYC3 reports on the curious business decision below.

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