This won’t work on a pair of sky-high stilettos due to the curve of the arch, so pick a mid-height pair (2” heel or lower) to pare down. Don’t try this with platforms. You’ll need to take these to a cobbler; this is NOT a typical DIY project.

Ask them to remove the heel and replace it with a flat sole. Depending on the style of the shoe, they may have to replace the higher heel with a lower one that’s virtually flat but not entirely so. Since the cobbler will have to resole the bot tom of the shoe, he will probably ask what kind you want. Request a nonslip, slightly thicker bottom, especially if you walk a lot.

The whole ordeal should cost from $30 to $50.

Story by Starr Varten. This article originally appeared in Plenty in October 2008.

Copyright Environ Press October 2008

Your feet will thank you
Morph those kitten heels you love but never wear into fabulous flats, and you'll be able to walk instead of driving or hailing a (carbon-belching) taxi.