Love at first sight in Union Square leads to a spontaneous (and green) wedding. Watch Jonathan Kesselman tie the knot with the woman of his dreams. Check back every Tuesday for a new episode of On the Streets. (Jonathan Kesselman)


Jonathan Kesselman: Besides putting on amazing music in the park which you’re doing and making green, what do you think you could do to live a greener lifestyle?
Reverend Fisher: Live a greener lifestyle? Hmm. I already do that, man. Don’t worry. I got a medical card in my pocket, buddy.
Kesselman: Yeah, see. That’s legal.
Reverend Fisher: Legal beagle, that’s right. And from Hawaii, if you’re a preacher, you can do it in all 50 states.
Kesselman: That right?
Reverend Fisher: Yeah.

Kesselman: You’re a preacher?
Reverend Fisher: Yeah,
Kesselman: As a preacher, can you give me a blessing, some sort of ... can you bless me?
Reverend Fisher: If I had something to roll up, man, I would.
Kesselman: No, no. Just bless me with, with ... like, say that I’m married. Do you perform a service?
Reverend Fisher: Yeah, I could marry you shotgun-style, man.
Kesselman: Let’s do it.
Reverend Fisher: Find a girl. No, I don’t have a shotgun.
Kesselman: Excuse me.
Reverend Fisher: No, I don’t have a shotgun.
Kesselman: I need you, I need you, please, please, please.
Reverend Fisher: Reverend Fisher, nice to meet you.
Renatta: Nice to meet you.
Kesselman: So you ready to do this?
Renatta: No.
Kesselman: Well, let’s do it anyway.
Renatta: I just wanted to take a picture.
Reverend Fisher: I need the rings. Do you have the rings?

Kesselman: Can I borrow one of your picks?
Reverend Fisher: We’re gathered here today at the site of Union Square.
Kesselman: Honey, it’s uncomfortable with the camera. We’re getting married. Can you please put it down?
Renatta: Okay. Oh, right.
Kesselman: Thanks.
Reverend Fisher: Mr. and Mrs., as they’re not yet, Mr. and Miss, Mr. Kesselman and --
Renatta: No last name.
Kesselman: No last name.
Reverend Fisher: And so now I pronounce you man and wife. You may exchange rings.
Kesselman: So Renatta, although we just met literally a minute ago and we haven’t actually spoken, you’re beautiful and I promise to have you and hold you and make you happy, make you smile every day, to make sweet love to you on a nightly basis if you so want that. If not, then, you know, just say you have a headache and I’ll totally respect it. Thank you. Now it’s your turn to give me your vow.
Renatta: Okay. I was just --
Kesselman: Okay, but you can go ahead and say something nice. I said something nice to you. Okay, go ahead. Jon, okay.
Renatta: Jon. [indistinct]
Kesselman: Yeah. That’s it. You’re gonna make me happy, that’s it? Do you cook?
Renatta: [indistinct]
Kesselman: You type?
Renatta: I’ll do my best.
Reverend Fisher: You may now kiss the bride.
Kesselman: Come here. I love you.
Renatta: Oh, that was so sweet.
Kesselman: I love you, honey.
Kesselman: You know what? Is there a glass I can step on?



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Credits for this episode:

Producers: Adam Dorn, Michael Nedelman, Jonathan Kesselman

Cinematography and editing: Michael Nedelman

Sound: Mark Sanders

Opening theme: "Chick A Boom Boom Boom" by Mocean Worker

MNN editor and animator: Meredith Darlington

ON THE STREETS: A green wedding
Love at first sight in Union Square leads to a spontaneous (and green) wedding.