On Friday, Inhabitatots, the kid-centric spin-off of sustainable design website Inhabitat, brought to my attention a gang of charming, Wall-E-esque characters who are in need of loving, green homes. I thought I’d help spread the word.

Adoptobots, the unusual upcycled creations of Delaware-based designer Brian Marshall, are sculptures made from various found objects that would have otherwise been landfilled or sat around collecting dust.

There are various charming Adoptobots to choose from at Marshall’s Etsy-based bot orphanage; all are eagerly awaiting placement in the right home (for $75 to upwards of $300). Brassy is pictured above while Ogi, Barjan, Oston, and Woody Wheeler are pictured below. Like umm, real orphans, each Adoptobot is unique and special.


Says Marshall of his bots: 

Just because these parts were no longer desired for their original purpose, they refused to believe they should die a horrible death in a big smelting pot or a landfill. So with a little help from myself, these parts were coming together with new and unusual friends to fulfill their dreams of once again bringing joys to others.”
Cool stuff. Adoptobots aren't something I'd probably consider adopting (sorry, but I have my eyes on something more furry) but would make for a great kids gift item that’ll teach them that ordinary household junk can be transformed into something special.

Via [Inhabitots

Photos: Adoptobot Etsy Shop

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Eco-robot adoption opportunity
Adoptobots, whimsical recycled creations from designer Brian Marshall, will happily relocate from their robot orphanage to your home.