Congrats to the crew at gDiapers for being featured by green living expert Sara Snow on Good Morning America this morning! I've been a big fan of gDiaper CEO Jason Graham-Nye for years, ever since I started reading his delightful CEO blog gDiapers: the early years. I've been lucky to meet Jason a few times at different green events and always love to see gDiapers appear in the media. Good Morning America is a VERY BIG get for them.

Jason and his wife Kim (they run the company together) are marketing geniuses and have doubled sales every year since they launched in 2005. They were living in Australia when Kim was pregnant with their first child. They researched greener diaper options and found a Tasmanian biochemist selling a flushable diaper. The biochemist ran a small operation, and Jason and Kim were able to negotiate the rights to sell the diaper everywhere in the world except Australia and New Zealand.

Jason and Kim packed up their family and set off for the states, landing in Portland, Ore., where they set up shop and started work on what they came to call gDiapers.

One of the things that I really respect about Jason and Kim is how they integrate work and family. They rise before the sun so they can work a full day before their kids are done with school in the afternoon. They do things as a family on the weekends and they take actual vacations.

They're building an amazing company, a great product, a happy customer base, a valuable brand, and a (and I'm only assuming here) healthy flow of cash, and they're doing it while living a good life. I can't speak from direct experience, but I'd wager that they have very low employee turnover. Who wouldn't want to work for a great company selling a fantastic product that encouraged you to live a full life outside its walls? Oh, and it's all super greener to boot.

Nice work Jason and the gCrew!

Click here to ABC to watch Sara Snow talk about gDiapers on Good Morning America.

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gDiapers lands on 'Good Morning America'
This morning on Good Morning America green living expert Sara Snow talked about gDiapers, my favorite green business and maker of the greenest diapers around.