In the fantastic guitar documentary "It Might Get Loud," Jimmy Page talks about how the architecture of an English country house affected the band's musicianship and how Led Zeppelin songs eventually got recorded. I'm not sure if these cool speakers by Curious Provisions will change the way music is heard, but they are definitely a real step up from the crummy portable speakers most of us tote around to BBQ's, pool parties and back and forth from school or work. 


Made from high-quality vintage suitcases (the one pictured at the top has a Bakelite handle, which is a type of pre-plastic material), there are various shapes and sizes of the "Thumper," all lovingly upcycled into hi-fi speakers that connect to MP3 players, laptops or turntables (via an included auxiliary cable). Most of them have bass, treble and volume adjustments on the sides, and each is totally one-of-a-kind. 


Red train case speaker

Thumpers come in all shapes and sizes; I love this train case in bright red. It's a bit smaller than the traditional suitcase-sized speaker sets. 


Warren suitcase speaker

This speaker is made from a limited-edition Warren suitcase. 


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