Today I’m feeling a bit sad for all the used up pens I’ve thrown out over the years, each time grumbling over their unrecyclability. Why? Well for just one week, pens, pencils and even markers are suddenly recyclable!

How so? The garbage-to-green-goods company TerraCycle has teamed up with Office Depot for Earth Week. Until April 23, you can take all your out-of-ink writing implements to any Office Depot location, and the items will be recycled into new office-supply products like trashcans and desk organizers. There’s even a reward for eco-enthusiasts who’ve been stockpiling pens just hoping for this day to arrive. Take in 10 writing implements, and you’ll get a coupon toward a new Sanford product.

I know what you’re thinking — you’re so green you only reuse refillable pens, and thus you think this recycling program is a sham that discourages reuse. But before you leave that comment, know this! Terracycle’s publicist George Chevalier tells me that ink cartridges from refillable pens also are accepted.

So keep reusing those pens — while recycling the still-disposable parts. Write on –

Office Depot recycles your pens and pencils
Take your old writing instruments to Office Depot this week and earn Sanford coupons.