Remember those disposable plastic bottles of water you drank from and discarded — before you knew better and started toting a reusable bottle? Those ditched bottles of yesteryear are coming back to haunt you — and mark your eco-sins with big ink blots!

More seriously, Pilot has debuted some new retractable pens that give disposable plastic water bottles a new life. Called the B2P (bottle-to-pen), these gel ink pens are made with 89 percent post-consumer content and look a bit like the water bottles they’re made with, too!

Of course, the plastic in these pens are a lot harder and sturdier, creating a nice writing instrument. I like how the water bottle-like ridges give the pens a good grip, and the gel ink a nice glide.

Does that mean drinking plastic bottled water is fine now, since they can be recycled into pens? Of course not. A single plastic bottle makes two pens — and these pens are made to last. Pilot says these pens write more than two times the average gel pen, and the B2P pens are refillable. So in fact, these pens show just how un-disposable so-called disposable water bottles should be.

Want a B2P pen of your own? Get them for $2.49 per pen at local stores starting in May.

Pens made from water bottles
Pilot is turning water bottles into reusable and refillable gel-ink pens — but don't let that convince you to go back to your bottled water habit.