After record rains, the weather’s warmed up in California — which means it’s now the time of the year when everyone’s fishing out their flip flops from the back of their closets — to remember they broke the thong part of the cheapo shoes while running around last summer.

If you saved those flip flops with the great intention of getting them fixed for reuse, I hope you can find a shoe repair person willing to do that on the cheap for you. For those resigned to finally sending no-longer-wearable flip flops to the landfill, I’ve got good news — You can recycle those flip flops, starting on Earth Day!

From April 22 to May 21, simply take your used flip flops to an Old Navy store near you and look for a collection bin that looks like the one above. Called Flip Flop Replay, this month-long recycling event comes thanks to a partnership between trash-to-treasure eco company TerraCycle and Old Navy.

What happens to the collected flipflops? They’ll be turned into material for playgrounds. So clean out your closet on Earth Day and give your old shoes a new life. Tomorrow, I’ll post about some great green flip flop options so you can get beach ready, eco-fashionably.

Recycle your flip flops at Old Navy
Take all your broken, no-longer-wearable flip flops to Old Navy between April 22 and May 21 -- and the old footwear will get turned into new playgrounds.