Ever seen a recycling-happy flash mob in action? 
I’m not normally into flash mob videos or flash mobs, in general. They make me nervous. I’m claustrophobic, scare easily, and I'm not exactly a huge fan of large crowds, especially rowdy ones or ones that break out into song-and-dance routines. I like to avoid sudden, evacuation-causing performances in public places whenever possible, thank you very much.
But the below video, depicting an elaborate stunt that revolves around a plastic bottle dumped on the floor of a bustling food court in a Quebecois shopping mall, has a wonderful message: good, green deeds don’t go unnoticed. Still, if I were the “heroine” of this video, I’d probably scream and run away. She handles the big reveal at the end rather gracefully. And hey, at least there isn't any dancing involved. 
The team at Testé sur des Humains, a French Canadian talk/variety show orchestrated and filmed the stunt. Take a look: 
Via [TrendHunter]

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Recycling flash mob descends on Canadian food court
To raise recycling awareness, a flashmob infiltrates a mall food court and just waits for a good, green Samaritan to come along. Watch what happens.