Do you always have your reusable bag because reusing is a lot greener than recycling? With Threadless’ new tote bags, you can reduce waste and reuse a tote — while closing the recycling loop. These sturdy, multifunctional bags are made with 100 percent recycled cotton!

About 40 percent of that cotton is post-consumer, while the other 60 percent is recycled pre-consumer waste. The totes don’t seem any less sturdy for the greener materials; the thick canvas will hold heavy melons or pre-med textbooks with ease. Each tote is 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide, and expands to be about 5.5 inches deep. With a snap-closure inside pocket for cash and valuables, the tote is perfect to carry to the farmers market — and then carry back with the help of the adjustable shoulder strap, to give your hands a break.

Just like the Threadless T-shirts designs, the bag designs also come from the Threadless community. I opted for the Swan Song design for its simple note — but cyclists who BYO-bag may like the Infinity MPG option! Each bag costs $25 at Threadless.

Reuse Threadless' recycled totes
The popular T-shirt site now offers 100 percent recycled cotton canvas totes -- sturdy enough to carry a laptop or a farmers market melon.