If you read green and DIY blogs, you’ve likely read this simple money-saving tip: Cut the fronts off paper cards and reuse them as postcards. I’ve actually employed this tip a few times — though my friends tend to write longish card messages that fill up both sides of the card, thereby foiling my reuse attempts.

Well, now comes a line of cards that will encourage more quick postcard-making — and shorter message-writing. Green stationery company Jonesy has launched its Post-Cards, which are specifically made for use, and reuse!

These Post-Cards look just like regular cards, except they come with a “reuse it!” message on the back: “Send this card to someone, and they can reuse it by cutting off the front and using the back to write and send, just like a postcard.” Open up the card and you’ll see that the underside of the cover is already postcard ready with a marked address section. At the fold is an encouraging dotted line, straddled by a picture of enthusiastic scissors.

Of course, the paper is FSC-certified and printed with soy ink. But Jonesy Post-Cards don’t bear the usual “Recycle” or other eco-didactic messages common to eco-friendly greeting cards. Instead, Jonesy cards tend towards modern, good-for-all-occasions designs, perfect for both your green and less-enlightened friends.

Jonesy’s Post-Cards cost $4.50 each, or $16 for a pack of 8.

The Post-Card rings twice
Jonesy's eco-friendly Post-Cards are made to be sent twice: First as a greeting card, then as a post card.