Truth be told, there's plenty of silly junk floating around during every holiday; but there's something about Christmas that makes us all a little more susceptible to stuff we might otherwise not be. Call it nostalgia, or a soft spot for childhood memories, but maybe getting into the spirit of the holidays can also be about doing some decorating that reminds us of those simpler times. Vintage decor is not only planet-friendly (since you're using something that's already out there instead of creating demand for something new), but older decorations remind us of bygone times, which the end of the year is all about. 

cute Santa Claus from Norway is a fun and different take on holiday decor, and kids will love to see its happy face hanging in a window. 

This sweet stocking would pair with new and older stocking and decor perfectly, owing to its Christmas rainbow of colors and patterns. 

What better way to celebrate the season than with visitors; since its nice to offer snacks and cookies when friends stop by, why not offer up treats on vintage Christmas plates in a non-Christmassy colorway?

Vintage Christmas ornaments have a patina and glow all their own. Whether you hang on a Christmas tree or in front of a window, they add color and charm to your holiday decor. 

What's a holiday dinner without a bit of Christmas at the table? This vintage Scandinavian table runner (it can be placed running down the middle of a wooden table or over a colorful or plain cloth) is really sweet and fun. 

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Vintage Fridays: Beautiful and unique Christmas decor
Bring some old-school charm to your holiday decor (or perhaps pick up a fun gift!) with these vintage Christmas decorations.