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DIY cork coasters and placeholders

By: Plenty Magazine on Dec. 7, 2009, 3:18 p.m.
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Other fun cork ideas

Still have more corks lying around? (How much did you drink?!) Here are a few additional ideas for how to get more use out of them:

 Protective pads for furniture -- Slice the cork into small discs (like in project #1) and use in place of felt pads under furniture, plant pots, glass table tops or picture frames, to keep from scratching the surface above, below or behind.

 Keychain for boat keys -- Insert an eyelet screw into the end of a cork and loop a key chain ring on it. Use as a keychain for boat keys so that if the keys fall overboard they will float.

 A pin cushion -- Keep all your pins in one place by sticking 'em in a cork!

 An emergency earring back -- if you lose your earring back, you can tear off a small piece of cork and use in place of the metal earring one. Not recommended for permanent use, but works well in a pinch.

•  Stamps -- Carefully using a sharp knife, you can carve a design onto one of the ends and use it as a personalized stamp.