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DIY cork coasters and placeholders

By: Plenty Magazine on Dec. 7, 2009, 3:18 p.m.
leftover corks

Photo: Lindsay Kurz/Plenty

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Put a cork in it

Whether you're recovering from your New Year's hangover or have a lot of stuff left over from a wedding, hold on! Don't discard all those precious corks from the empty wine and champagne bottles. Following are several easy ways to reuse this durable and beautiful natural material.

Even if you don't feel like repurposing your corks, someone else gladly will: click here to learn how to donate old corks to be recycled into flooring. Now for all the clever things you can do with cork ...

Text by Lindsay Kurz. This guide originally appeared in Plenty in January 2009. It was added to in December 2009.