baby food jars used as spice containers

Baby food jars make perfect containers for spices. (Photo: Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen)

If you have a baby in the house, chances are you’re recycling a lot of empty baby food jars every week. And, while recycling is better for the environment than tossing glass in the trash, the very best option would be to come up with creative ways to reuse those jars. Thankfully, the Internet is full of ideas. Innovative new parents around the globe have come up with these 12 fantastic uses for empty baby food jars.

1. Spice rack

If you’re like me, sometimes you have to take every spice out of your cabinet before you find the one you need. Instead, buy your spices in bulk (another eco-friendly move), put each in a jar, label the top with the name and expiration date, and load those freshly organized spices into a drawer for easy viewing.

2. Herb garden

baby food jars used for herbs

Photo: Cate West Zahl/ The Charlotte

Create your own little herb garden by planting basil, thyme, rosemary and sage, and save a ton of cash by no longer having to buy herbs at the market.

bathroom storage made from baby food jars
3. Button bins

Organize your growing pile of buttons, beads and threads using baby food jars. The next time you lose a button or get a pull in your favorite sweater, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Organize your bathroom

Need a place to keep your Q-Tips, bobby pins, hair clips and cotton balls? Decorated jars can help you organize your bathroom. This is especially useful if you lack a medicine cabinet.

5. Pack puddings, apple sauce and anything small for lunch

Baby food jars are made to keep liquid foods nice and secure, so why not reuse them for lunch to take soft foods to work or school?

6. Mini vases

flower vase made from baby food jar

Photo: Daily Mom

If you want fresh flowers at your next event, consider using baby food jars for tiny and delightful arrangements. You can pack a whole lot of pretty into a small amount of space.

snowglobe made from baby food jar7. Holiday decorations

Whether it’s Halloween,Thanksgiving or Christmas, make adorable decorations based on the holiday with the kids in your life. A snow globe is one easy, fun craft for kids.

8. Party favors

Want to send your baby shower guests home with a favor? How about a decorated baby food jar filled with sweets?

9. Tea lights

tealight made from baby food jar

Photo: Christine Chau/flickr

Everyone loves twinkly tea lights. Add some candles and hang these little guys up to create a rustic and romantic atmosphere.

10. Magnets

magnets made from baby food lids

Photo: Laura Hartich/flickr

Talk about an adorable kid-friendly activity! Take the caps to baby food jars and turn them into magnets, custom designed by your little ones. Bonus points if you teach them about reducing and reusing at the same time.

11. Potpourri holder

potpourri in a baby food jar

Photo: Daily Mom

Take your favorite potpourri, put it in a jar, then punch wholes in the lid or secure a piece of breathable cloth over the top with a ribbon. Place these little bursts of scent around the house.

12. Store homemade body care products

Whether you make your own bath salts, body scrubs or deodorant, use baby food jars as cute containers. You could even give your creations away as gifts.

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