For years, Recyclebank enthusiasts have turned points earned through recycling into discounts at local businesses.

Today, Recyclebank makes those points even more valuable with the launch of One Twine, a marketplace where users redeem their points for discounts on sustainable products. One Twine includes more than 400 products that are easy on the planet.

Recyclebank created the marketplace to help consumers weed through all the sustainability labels, certifications and marketing messages. Impact Lens, the company's nine-point vetting system for products, considers how products are made, how they are used and how they are disposed of. If a product makes the cut, it becomes available for sale in the Recyclebank marketplace.

The selection process is driven by nine key characteristics: The product must be renewable, have a gentle impact, be produced through fair labor standards, be sustainably made, be efficient, promote sustainability, be reclaimable, made with smart packaging, or be part of a merchant buy-back program. One convenient feature of One Twine is the filtering option that helps shoppers choose products that line up with the values they care about most. If buying products that are made from repurposed or renewable materials is a priority, shoppers can filter the products they’re considering by clicking on the “Renewable” icon. If ensuring the workers that made the products are treated and compensated fairly, shoppers can click on the “Fair” icon. Product categories include Health & Beauty, Home, Kids & Baby, Pet Care, and Gear & Gadgets.

One Twine product example

But why call it One Twine? "We really liked the nostalgic elements of twine," says Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim. "It makes you think of a traditional corner store where you can trust the store owner who knows your name and tells you about the product you need that day. It conjured up a type of image we wanted."

Anyone can sign up for Recyclebank; just create an account and begin earning points that can be used for discounts on One Twine products. About 200 Recyclebank points equals $1 off an order; shoppers also can purchase the products without using any points. To celebrate the launch of the marketplace, Recyclebank is offering free shipping on One Twine products for a limited time.

Recyclebank currently has 4.5 million members who use the recycling incentive program, and the program has been credited with increasing the recycling rates in more than 300 communities across the United States. The average Recyclebank family can save up to $165 a year in rewards.

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Recyclebank launches a marketplace for consumers who don't have time to ask all the right questions
One Twine's nine-point vetting system considers how products are made, how they are used and how they are disposed of.