Bonnaroo, the annual music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee, attracts tens of thousands of music fans every summer. In addition to the eclectic range of musicians and bands that perform, there's plenty of food available to fuel all that dancing. But not all the food get consumed — or even prepared — and it would be easy to just toss it all. But that's not the Bonnaroo way. Festival organizers wanted to make sure the leftover food didn't go to waste.

Since 2010, Bonnaroo has worked with the Grundy County Food Bank to make sure unused food is delivered to local residents who need it. In its first year, the program collected 6,500 pounds of food from just one catering service. In 2016, the program, which has expanded to all food vendors and caterers who participate in the festival, donated 9 tons of food to the community. As the video highlights, some of this is food the food bank doesn't often have in stock, including fresh produce and cheese.

And the festival's commitment to reducing waste doesn't end there. Working with Clean Vibes, a company dedicated to assisting festivals with their waste, Bonnaroo composted 115 tons of waste and diverted 3.8 tons of cooking oil away from landfills and into biodiesel processing.

With this kind of dedication to the community and the environment, Bonnaroo's organizers are well on their way to meeting their goal of throwing the greenest festival in the United States.

Bonnaroo's food recovery program hits all the right notes
Bonnaroo's food waste program gets food to those who need it most and composts the rest.