Jill Cordes suggests ways to recycle better and shows you how to research other options. (Courtesy: Brighter Living)



Like many people, you're probably doing your part to recycle.  But did you know how you recycle is as important as what you recycle?  Here’s some simple steps that you can take to make recycling a snap and as effective as possible.  Changing your outlook is easy.  These days, recycling includes more than just aluminum cans.  With the impact of the amount of disposable trash going into landfills, more attention is being paid to recycling more goods, like computers, electronics, and cell phones.  Doing a little research about what you're recycling and where to recycle can help make the process economical.  Online sites like Earth911.com can help you find the best places to recycle right in your area.  Greencycling, or composting yard trimmings, is an alternative to having them hauled away by your community’s yard waste pickup service.  Plus, there’s valuable nutrients that composting can provide to your lawn and garden.  Another great way to make recycling easy is to reuse before you recycle.  You can turn scrap paper into note cards or use it for to-do lists, and you can reuse plastic containers for food or water storage before you put them in the recycle bin.  I’m Jill Cordes.

BRIGHTER LIVING: Recycling made easy
Brighter Living with Jill Cordes: Quick tips for expanding your normal recycling routine.