It all started last Christmas. That's when Zander Hite's grandfather, Daryl, gave him a $20 bill and told him to use the money to make a difference. Over the past year, the 10-year-old has done just that, using the money to build more than 250 wooden toys to donate to kids in need.

With the funds from his grandfather, Zander bought two slabs of wood that he hoped to use to build the kind of wooden cars he had played with when he was little. After building his first car, he decided to just keep going. For months, Zander worked alongside his grandfather, learning about wordworking and making some great memories along the way. He realized that he liked woodworking so much that he joined the Central Indiana Woodworkers club, becoming their youngest member by about 50 or 60 years.

Zander Hite practicing his woodworking skills Zander learned woodworking skills and even joined his local woodworking club. (Photo: Courtesy of Brittany Hite)

The woodworking club donated wooden wheels to Zander so he could continue with his project. The club also gave him a focus; during the group's annual wooden toy drive, members collect handmade wooden toys to donate to local kids for the holidays. There were handshakes all around when Zander showed up with four large boxes filled with 250 wooden cars and trucks to add to the club's donation.

"He is one special little boy," Zander's mother, Brittany Hite, told MNN via email. "He tells me all the time that he feels like the greatest job in the world would be traveling around doing good works for other people and helping them. He’s 10! It blows my mind, but I am so thankful that I get to be his momma."

In an interview with local news affiliate WISH TV, Zander told reporters how much he enjoyed making the toys and spending time with his grandfather each day. "We laugh a lot. We have fun. I like spending time with him,” he said. When asked who the better woodworker was, Zander pointed to his granddad without hesitation. But there's no doubt that this young man has learned a new skill that will help him make a difference in the world for years to come.

10-year-old keeps his promise to make the world a better place
Zander Hite's woodworking hobby started with a gift from his grandfather and a challenge to make a difference in the world.