Most of us are looking to stretch our holiday budgets, and buying from a company that's set up to "Buy One Give One" is a way to do that. When you purchase from one of these five companies, you'll get a gift for someone on your gift list and the company will donate the same or a similar item to someone in need. These are useful, stylish gifts that people on your list will appreciate, and someone you'll probably never meet will appreciate them, too.

  1. Warby Parker Glasses. I love this model of Buy One Give One. When you purchase a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses (prescription or not), Warby Parker makes a donation of money to people in developing countries who have been trained to make glasses and to give basic eye exams. Those people now have jobs, and their community has a much needed service. According to Warby Parker, a pair of glasses can increase someone’s productivity by 35 percent and their income by 20 percent.
  2. Roma Boots. For every pair of fashionable Roma Boots sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need. Not only does the child get a pair of boots, the boots come stuffed with educational supplies. Plus, the company donates 10 percent of its proceeds to the Roma For All Foundation to help these impoverished children break out of their cycle of poverty.
  3. Yoobi School Supplies. Colorful and useful, these school and arts & crafts supplies would make great stocking stuffers for kids. And when you purchase any Yoobi product, another Yoobi product is donated to a classroom in need in the United States. Yoobi's goal is to create colorful, vibrant tools to spark learning and creativity while helping to solve a problem.
  4. OAK Lifestyle Bags. OAK (Ordinary Acts of Kindness) sells fashionable and functional backpacks and messenger bags. When you purchase any OAK product, a backpack filled with school supplies is given to a homeless or at-risk youth in the U.S. or Rwanda to support their education.
  5. TOMS. When TOMS started, the company focused only on shoes, but it has expanded its product line. It now sells sunglasses and coffee that fall under the One for One program, which gives either a pair of shoes or clean water for a week to someone in need with each item you purchase.
All of these Buy One Give One gifts are available through the websites I've linked to, but if you’re out shopping at your local Target store, look for TOMS and Yoobi School Supplies when you're there.

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5 'Buy One Give One' gifts to double your holiday giving
When you buy one of these gifts for someone on your list, a donation is made to someone in need.