Christmas gets a lot of criticism for becoming a holiday based more on getting and consuming than giving (and often for good reason). But we all have the personal choice to make Christmas what we want it to be. So for those who’d like a “greener” Christmas, here are some simple ideas.

Keep gifts simple with quality

Instead of thinking about putting as many gifts under tree as possible, why not buy fewer gifts and buy quality instead? For example, there are so many wonderful, eco-friendly toys that can be found at many places now. carries the big brands, and carries the small toy makers (do a search for wooden toys on Etsy and prepared to be amazed!).

Instead of buying lots of plastic cheap toys, we will be buying books and clothes for our children as well as quality toys. (And for the record, my girls love getting clothes for Christmas!)

Use your nice dishes, instead of disposable

One simple way to have a more green Christmas celebration is to use real dishes instead of disposable for your dinner. Plus, it’s so much classier to use real.

Use beeswax candles

Don’t use those highly fragranced, paraffin-based candles! They created a lot of indoor pollution. Instead support bee farmers and your health by using beeswax candles. They can also be such a beautiful part of your décor.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping

After Thanksgiving, it’s reported that we throw away millions of tons of extra trash per week. Besides using real dishes instead of disposable, another great way to cut down on trash is to use more eco-friendly wrapping for gifts.

A few ideas: buy regular gift bags and reuse them year after year (my family did this growing up, as it cut down on the work of wrapping, and was very frugal too!). But now there are also reusable gift bags that are especially made to withstand the stresses of reuse too! One really neat idea is to use old maps as wrapping paper. It’s really pretty, but also reuses something that would have been thrown away. 


Consider sending an eCard, instead of a traditional paper one! It is more frugal, but is also eco-friendly. will help you design your own custom one as well, which is great for those who would like a personalized version.

How do you make your Christmas greener?

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