I suppose to be completely sustainable with shaving, I’d have to not shave. While I’m known in my neighborhood as the “crunchy” one, I am not that crunchy. About a year ago, I started hearing buzz about Dollar Shave Club, a subscription service that delivers shaving essentials to your doorstep for a very reasonable price. I decided to give it a try, and while I realize there is still waste using Dollar Shave Club (the cartridges get thrown in the trash) I create less waste from shaving now than I ever have in the past. 

Here’s why I choose to stay with Dollar Shave Club (and, to be clear, this is not a paid post. I’m writing this because of the benefits of the service). 

  1. It saves me money. Four razor cartridges are delivered to my mailbox each shipment for a $6 flat fee. If you’re familiar with the price of razor blades in the store, you’ll know this is a bargain. The first shipment I received came with a handle at no additional cost. There are various plans to chose from and different types of cartridges.
  2. The packaging is (mostly) recyclable. Each shipment is as compact as possible in a recyclable cardboard envelope (see photo above). The packaging around the container that holds the cartridges is cardboard, also. Most cartridges bought at the stores come over-packaged in plastic blister packs. I can throw the plastic holder for the cartridges in my recycle bin. Unfortunately, the cartridges are not recyclable.
  3. I’ll always receive the right cartridges for my handle. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I would buy a new handle and cartridges, only to have difficulty getting more cartridges soon after. Sometimes, I’d forget what brand I had. Sometimes, the brand would be discontinued. Sometimes, the store would be out of stock. Then, I’d buy a new handle with new cartridges or buy a pack of fully disposable razors till I could get the right cartridges.
  4. I no longer throw out plastic razors. I’ve thrown away a lot of disposable razors since I started shaving in junior high, and I’ve had quite a bit of green guilt over it (I don’t get a lot of green guilt, but sometimes it creeps up.)
  5. I can change the frequency of delivery based on my needs. In the warmer months, I get a four-pack delivered every month. In the winter, I request a four-pack every other month because I shave less frequently. The website makes it easy to change the frequency of delivery.
  6. No silly pink razors to try to trick me into thinking that shaving is more glamorous when done in pastel. Dollar Shave Club’s razors are unisex. I like that.
  7. The razors work just fine for me. I don’t get nicks or cuts (okay, occasionally I’ll get them on that tricky ankle bone spot, but that’s not the razor – it’s me always in a rush). 
As far as I know, there is no easy way to recycle a razor cartridge. If I'm wrong about that, please let me know. 

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